Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Michael J. Dunn, MD '62, Dean of the MCW School of Medicine, 1995-2008 - Shared screen with speaker view
Janis Orlowski
I met Dr. Dunn when he was at Case Western and we bonded over our WI roots and our love of MCW. Such an inspiration for me.
Angela Nelson
Beautiful sentiment Dr. Cowley!! Thank you.
Paula Traktman
I joined MCW as Chair because of Mike Dunn and Mike Bolger ……… Mike was an extraordinary leader, a warm and wonderful person, a mentor and an inspiration. His love of science, people, food and wine ensured many, many wonderful times!
Sara Wilkins
A recap of this event, including a link to the recording, will be available next week on InfoScope and on MCW.edu.
Angela Nelson
Margaret and Michael – thank you for sharing your Dad with the MCW Family!
Janis Orlowski
Michael, you're a clone! Its fun to see your father in you.
Joseph Kerschner
Nothing better than the messages from children!!
Angela Nelson
MESSAGE FROM Ginny Bolger:Mike Bolger was elated when Mike Dunn accepted the deanship at MCW. He knew Mike would be an excellent dean and they would be a great team! It is ironic that these friends died on the same day 3 years apart.
Edmund Duthie
M&M (Mike Dunn and Mike Bolger) were a terrific team. We all benefitted from the sustained and complementary leadership. So grateful that Mike Dunn decided to return home and serve his alma mater.
Ann Nattinger
Mike showed so much innovation as Dean! One of those was supporting us to start the Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research, which is now thriving as the Center for Advancing Population Science. Even though this type of research was very different from Mike's own research, he had the foresight to push MCW into this direction.
Bruce Campbell
Thanks to everyone who is sharing comments. Very heartwarming.
Michael Dunn
Thanks to all of the speakers today sharing personal stories, it is great to share your experiences.
Tyler Dunn
It's been amazing hearing all the memories from everyone. Thank you for sharing these with everyone
Michael Gill
I asked Dr. Dunn why his MCW portrait did not depict him in one of his signature bowties. He explained the portrait had been made years earlier, prior to his affinity towards them. Great experiences working with him and always in a bowtie in my memory.
Mahendr Kochar M D
Mike Dunn was a terrific role model for students, residents and faculty.
Cheryl Maurana
Mike was truly a gentleman and a scholar with a wonderfully wry sense of humor.
John Meurer
Excellent tribute to exceptional Dr Dunn. Thanks!
Hershel Raff
Thanks to Dr. Tom Russell - a huge supporter of MCW and a true gentleman. His heartfelt thanks to Dr. Dunn were truly inspiring. Dr. Dunn has a wonderful twinkle in his eye and dry sense of humor which always kept things even tempered yet focused!
Cheryl Maurana
One of his favorite phrases was “that’s just not sensible”.
Michael Dunn
As his son, I heard that phrase a lot!
Cheryl Maurana
Paula Traktman
Mike had a great impact on my professional life - he brought out the best in people and created a superb culture at MCW
Joseph Kerschner
Outstanding Video!!